How to Get a Restraining Order

Do you need a restraining order also called a protective order in San Diego or Southern California? A restraining order is a court order that protects you from being physically or sexually threatened, abused, stalked or harassed. Such an order can be granted to you as the “protected person” against someone who is the “restrained person” or it can be granted to you and your family or household members.

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Three General Types of Restraining Orders

Personal Conduct Restraining Orders

This order is to stop specific acts against the protected person(s) including contacting, attacking, stalking, threatening, assaulting, harassing, destroying personal property or disturbing the peace of the protected person(s).

Stay Away Restraining Orders

This order is to keep the restrained person away at a physical distance from the protected person(s) physically, residence, workplace, school, vehicle, children’s schools or other places.

Residence Exclusion Restraining Orders

This order also called a kick-out or move-out order orders the restrained person to move out of the place where the protected person(s) live and take only clothes and personal belonging until a court hearing. This type of restraining order applies to domestic violence, elder or dependent adult abuse cases.

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